April 29, 2009

spaceballs (the videotape)

i guess this title is confirmed, but when i "spoke with the band" on sunday, they said they hadn't yet made up their minds...of course, they were probably just trying to get rid of me, but still...for the record, the official leather canary interview went something like this:

the leather canary: hey guys, i'm a big fan, mind if sit down & take a picture?
jeff tweedy: uh, sure, let me move my bag.
tlc: so, you excited to get home for a couple weeks?
jt: yeah.
tlc: and how's the new album sound? good?
glenn kotche: it sound's great.
tlc: cool, you guys pick out a title yet?
gk: no, not yet.
tlc: alright, well thanks a lot.
jt: no problem.
tlc: i'm wearing your t-shirt.
jt: yeah, i see that.
tlc: okay, bye.

yeah, so i was a little brain dead from the past few days, but i thought it went alright...not nearly as good as my "talk with mavis" went on thursday, but i think i'll keep that moment for myself...anyway, new orleans was amazing...& the festival was incredible...here's what i dug most about it; the gospel soul children's tamborine player, roy rogers & the delta rhythm kings bringing out long tall marcia ball, booker t & the dbt's doing "time is tight", mavis singing mahalia (oh my god!), the dancing at rebirth, shamarr allen's & boe money's playing (& surfing) during galactic, wilco pulling out all the stops, the budos band's heavy funk at house of blues, & of course shufflin' on stage with sharon (& really, no one should ever be forced to watch themselves dance)...so, it was my first time down & i can't wait to get back...huge thanks to all my boys, & especially my brother, for making it happen...couldn't have asked for a better time.

update: wilco (the fundraiser)
wilco (the lawsuit)
update: wilco (the album cover)
update: wilco (the stream)


Anonymous said...

You should have asked Tweedy if the new album was more A.M. or Summerteeth?

Anonymous said...

Hey, a couple years ago you posted a mp3 of Don't You Honey Me. I'm down to two Wilco tracks (bsides and what not) that I don't have. Could you repost Don't You Honey Me and Childlike & Evergreen if you have them?