May 3, 2009

white freightliner blues

check out my cousin andrew, jamming to an old townes van zandt number in a little bar on the other side of the world...boy's got some pipes, right...he's also further proof that my mom's the reason i can't grow a decent beard...if you're ever in jerusalem, keep your eyes open...apparantly, he's a yiddish mountain boy.

download: townes van zandt - white freightliner blues (live)

related: steve earle, who once said, "townes van zandt is the best songwriter in the whole world, & i'll stand on bob dylan's coffee table in my cowboy boots and say that," (to which townes replied, "i've met bob dylan's bodygaurds, & if steve thinks he can stand on bob dylan's coffee table, he's sadly mistaken) is releasing an album, consisting solely of van zandt covers, next week...he recently cleared up that quote, by saying "i was asked for a blurb, & that's what i said. it was literally a sticker. do i believe that he was a better writer than bob dylan? no. do i believe he deserves to be talked about in the same breath as bob dylan? yes. & i think bob dylan does, too. i was opening for dylan in 1988, and the first night i was on the tour bob played 'pancho and lefty'.", whatever.

download: steve earle - white freightliner blues


John said...

Wonderful. I'm proud of him too :)

Jack said...

That was really pretty good..! Nice going.