July 11, 2007

starring levon helm

just saw shooter on dvd & was happy to see a random cameo from the band's levon helm, last seen in a random cameo for the three burials of melquiades estrada & soon to be seen in a random cameo for in the electric mist (both starring tommy lee jones)...in between films, levon's been keeping busy with his weekly midnight ramble sessions at his home studio in woodstock, ny, which i hear are amazing...basically, you buy an "invitation", then drive up to levon's home, park in his driveway & his wife show's you to "the barn", where levon & a bunch of really tight blues musicians jam all night...pretty awesome...also, word has it that levon is working on his first studio album in 25 years, but no release date has been set...as for shooter, it was completely ridiculous, which actually made it kind of entertaining.

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