September 18, 2007

broken social scene presents

a few weeks ago, i mentioned how much i like the new album from broken social scene frontman kevin drew, which officially came out today...but over the past month, like has turned to love...having acquired permanent residency in my car's cd player, spirit if... has become one of my favorite albums of the year, with emphasis on the word album...each song seems to shift seamlessly into the next (the final track may be the exception), drawing you in with thumping snare beats & lush melodies, the kitchen sink approach comes off as a beautifully orchestrated jam session...even pitchfork likes it...drew will be at the metro with members of broken social scene on 11/03.

download: kevin drew - safety bricks
download: kevin drew - lucky ones

related: drew enlisted the help of 23 players for this album, including former pavement guitarist spiral stairs on the above offering "lucky ones"...stairs' post-pavement project, preston school of industry, has been m.i.a. for the past couple years, which is too bad because i really enjoyed them, especially their last album, monsoon...i saw them at schubas a few years back on a pretty memorable night that included tequilla shots with glen kotche & my friend patty accusing biondi of cock blocking her with john stirratt after getting into a 20 minute dispute over who the greatest traveling wilbury was...biondi took the obnoxious jeff lynne argument & i believe stirratt was in the george harrison camp...anyways, according to pitchfork, about this time last year stairs had been slowly working on an album, "don't know when it's going to be released. just taking my time, nothing special. i've got the songs, i just haven't figured out how i want to do it yet. this winter, i'll probably get it done."...i hope so.

download: preston school of industry - walk of a gurl
download: preston school of industry - caught in the rain

new releases: in addition to spirit if... & the latest from mark knopfler, which i talked about yesterday, new albums from akron/family, rogue wave, & eddie vedder head up today's crop of new releases.

download: akron/family - ed is a portal
download: rogue wave - lake michigan
download: eddie vedder - rise

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