September 27, 2007


wes anderson's short film, hotel chevaliar, starring jason schwartzman & natalie portman is now available for free at serves as a prelude to anderson's much anticipated fifth feature, the darjeeling limited, & showcases the song below...nice.

download: peter sarstedt - where do you go to (my lovely)

related: in other movie news, martin scorsese has signed on to direct a documentary on the life & times of george harrison...i'd say harrison was my favorite beatle, but i've never been a big beatles fan, choosing to take the "overrated" approach throughout my formative years (yeah, that's right)...but slowly i've been opening up to their catalog from the back end, largely because of my growing appreciation for each of their solo works, in particular harrison's all things must pass...anyways, hopefully the project will be more enticing then the upcoming shine a light & more cohesive then no direction home (although i still enjoyed that)...the last waltz, of course, is in a class by itself.

download: george harrison - isn't it a pity

related: sticking with rockumentaries (& members of the traveling wilburys), runnin' down a dream, peter bogdanovich's four hour study on tom petty, will premiere at the new york film festival on 10/14 & then run commercial free on the sundance channel on 10/29...four hours!
related: if you can't make it to nyc for the festival, chicago's got it's own international film fest (the 43rd) going on from 10/4 through 10/17...some of the film's being featured include michael clayton, gone baby gone, lars & the real girl, & control.
related: getting back to wes anderson, his brilliant first feature, bottle rocket, is finally getting the criterion treatment it deserves...about time.
related: finally, bill murray's next role is as the buisnessman in the darjeeling limited, but yesterday he made an appearance in the visitor's dugout down in miami to give the cub's a pep talk as they near the finish line in their race for the nl central...the pep talk didn't work, but fortunately the brewers are making it pretty hard to give up the lead...rally stache.

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