August 31, 2007

some shake in your shaker

taj mahal, one of the more prominent country blues artists of the past 40 years is also one of the most experimental, having combined different elements of jazz, bluegrass, soul, gospel, folk, caribbean, african, hawaiian, & cajun music to his laid back arrangements over the years...he was also the only american artist invited to perform on the rolling stones rock and roll circus, where along with guitarist jesse ed davis, he practically stole the show...anyways, "ain't gwine to whistle dixie (any mo')", a stretched out tuba & fife fueled instrumental jam, is taken from 1972's wonderful live album, the real thing, & felt like a good song to kick off the long weekend...if you happen to be in san francisco, you can catch taj mahal this sunday at the summer of love 40th anniversary free concert...& if you're in chicago, there's some previously mentioned stuff going on, as well as jazz fest with medeski, scofield, martin & wood headlining tonight...& a ton of great weather.

download: taj mahal - ain't gwine to whistle dixie (any mo') (live)

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